Thursday, October 16, 2008


ok so ryan has his own website, its titled IM A FUCKING FAGGOT AND I LOVE SUCKING DICK, CUM TASTES AWESOME 2.COM. he is easily one of the most unfunny people ever and has yet to make a funny joke on the internet. his name is "hangouter", thats not even clever, it might as well say HUGE FAGGOT. ryan go suck cocks in hell. MOAR 2 CUM

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Strange Rash

Last night after Ryan came I went to the bathroom because small dicks make me shit. When I was wiping I felt a number of crater-like developments in and around my buttocks. I can only imagine Ryan's been sleeping around...and given his religious background and sexual history, he's probably penetrating children again. I hope his probation officer doesn't read this blog. I also hope the kids that play at the park with out parental supervision know enough to make the creepy guy in the shitty European band no ones ever heard of t-shirt with free shitty Nuebie's curly fries in his 1991 Geo wear a condom when he molests them. Moar 2 cum

Big ol faggot

ryans a big faggot. he has unsuccesfully tried to kiss me like 8 times in the last week, and then thinks im weird when i push him away. cmon, what a faggot. ryan sucks with women and is a leightweight. he is a dick head faggot. moar 2 cum.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


ryans sitting across from me and he looks fucking gay. he put his balls on me before and it was really a faggot move. what a faggot. i outsmarted him and he got super mad and was being a faggot and pushed me. i didnt fall over cause im not one of him. he hasnt told a funny joke all night. what a faggot. moar 2 cum

Thursday, October 2, 2008


ryan is a grumpy faggot. hes never happpy and claims he has a great life. yea right, great life if you love being a faggot and working at the fagout. his sisters super hot and he got mad when we became friends. if i fucked her he would probably shoot himself in the face. i hope i fuck her. if your reading this, ryans sister, i would fuck the shit out of you. moar 2 cum


i wrote faggot under every picture on ryans myspace. he was probably really psyched when he went online and saw 1000000000 picture comments, only to have his heart crushed by the fact that it was just me calling a faggot. hes so gay.


last night ryan was a giant pussy. he ate tidos and stared at me the entire time super creepily. he also makes any phone conversation awkward, like talkin to a rapist through a phone in a prison. he touched me a bunch from behind in a joking manner but it was pretty gay and i think it could have been serious. what a faggot. these germans were here, he was psyched. he got a little loose and was being a giant faggot.

the other day he was saying hes gonna fuck up my room. he doesnt know about this yet but when he finds out he will wish he wasnt such a terrible faggot. if he pisses in my room im going to shit on his bed. a serious faggot. moar 2 cum